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If someone already handles your day-to-day computer operations, but you've decided it's time to upgrade. If you're not comfortable directly making complex software changes.  If you're ready for fresh ideas and a change in direction or complexity of your small business network -- we're here to make that decision easy!

Ask yourself: Has your technology support consultant or company forgotten whom they're working for?  Are they making empty promises?  Have they gotten lazy, dormant or charge unreasonable rates for less than average service?  Do you need a "geektionary" to communicate with them?  Perhaps you'd like a second opinion or an extra set of eyes to check things out and ensure your business is protected and ready to withstand a natural or man-made disaster?  Do you have written business recovery or continuity plans?   


We ask, because we've taken over after many previous -- perhaps well-intentioned computer technicians, who either lacked the experience, knowledge or qualifications to adequately safeguard networks under their responsibility. For example, one of our customers in Middleboro, MA had a multi-year relationship with an IT consultant who had promised that the company's data was being backed up to an off-site location.  There was no verification in place and because he was trusted, the company took his word for it. 


When the company's server crashed, the consultant disappeared and the company was literally shut down for 3 weeks while the server data was being forensically recovered off of bad hard drives, at a cost of over $10,000 -- nevermind lost revenues!


This could have been prevented if the company employed a "trust, but verify" methodology.  The server should have been properly monitored and as soon as the consultant was alerted to a hardware problem, he should have been on-site, fixing the hardware issue proactively.  As a best practice measure, backups should have been test restored at least quarterly to verify their integrity.  Luckily, we maintain this business today, employ industry standards and frequently generate management reports to ensure it won't ever go through this ordeal again. 


There are many more (horror) stories of hacked web sites, email accounts, computers, compromised customer information, etc... but we'd prefer to share them with you when we meet instead of writing books here.

3 Easy Steps to Success

  1. Send to us a copy of your existing IT service agreement if you have one.  If there is no agreement, an idea of your current support costs and terms - your confidentiality is guaranteed.
  2. We will review it right away.
  3. We'll respond with an offer that guarantees the same or better terms at 20% less than what you're currently spending on support -- and all on a single, easy to understand page!

Not under agreement?  No problem!  We're confident we can lower your existing IT expenditures with a strategic plan that enables your technology to work for your business and not against it. 

Intrigued?  Call or email us today and let your business reap the rewards from a new, experienced and unbiased perspective. 





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