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Whether you have a single server or a room full of servers, pmIT Consulting can help you manage, repair, upgrade and maintain all flavors of servers, including HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell, IBM, Supermicro and others.  You can rest assured that by hiring pmIT Consulting, your small business server(s), server closet or a fully racked data center will be appropriately managed, monitored and supported by seasoned industry certified technicians.  Don't have a server, but need a recommendation?  No problem! -- we will happily evaluate your business to see 1) If owning a server is right for your business and 2) To help you make an informed decision about different avenues that you can take, including private virtualization and public cloud, or leased server space online.


Did you know that without experienced technical oversight, your server can develop hidden hardware and software problems that can turn into a very costly disaster?  Are you prepared to take that chance?  How valuable are the files stored on your central server?  Do you think your data will restore without any errors from backup when a catastrophic hardware failure or natural disaster strikes your office?  Have you done any test runs to check your data backup integrity and actually see if it can be successfully restored? 


Is your server alerting you via e-mail, text or sound of any conditions that should be checked?  Some of these alerts may include a report on failed hard drives, unusually high memory utilization, viruses that couldn't be removed from the server or one of the connected network computers, strange and unexpected growth in data usage, someone attempting to hack in and guess the passwords to gain access to sensitive data, unresponsive applications, etc... 


Although we configure server monitoring alerts so that we can monitor your server for problems and keep a close eye on it, with your permission we will gladly ensure that you or your business' managers will also be transparently copied on these network alerts, which is often priceless insight into how much really goes on "behind the scenes" to make your IT operation a stable success. 


Let us perform a non-intrusive, free analysis of your server today remotely or on-site, and we will gladly report back on your server's strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and make plain English recommendations based on our findings. 


To report a problem with your server, network, application or workstation please refer to the IT Helpdesk system, or use one of our alternate contact methods to get in touch.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!






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