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Taking the stress out of moving your business technology.  

Relocating your office to a new location is rarely a stress-free experience and it is often the case that businesses forget to establish a plan for their network, Internet access and server configuration changes until the very last minute. 


Are you still running off of a limping Small Business Server aka SBS? Does your office have some applications that were written in the 90's by a company, which is no longer around, but the app cannot be replaced?  We have seen these and other scenarios, where we can usually find viable solutions to such challenges while taking advantage of down-time associated with your office move.

pmIT Consulting has helped tens of businesses with moving into their new office, as well as networking and setting up new satellite office locations.  We can manage the whole move for you, including labelling computers, servers, network equipment, coordinating your phone / voice system installation, new network cable drops, physically moving all workstations and servers into the new office space, unpacking, connecting and testing every piece of your technology investment.  While this is happening, we can manage a complete network overhaul of your server(s), wireless network, data security, backup -- or can help you move your business into the cloud. 


We can make seamless transitions to new on-premises or cloud-based applications and server software like Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, Google Apps for Business and Office 365 a reality.  All of our technology migration projects are planned thoroughly and executed with precision to ensure that our customers are kept abreast of project progress and that all staff are fully on-board with change management.  


If you'd like to talk about your move, and what it may entail, please contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and quote. 



7 things you should keep in mind before moving your office network, server(s) and computers:


  1. Check what Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are offered at the new location and choose one that matches your needs (Public/Static IP addresses, speed?)
  2. Consider your telephone line, voice technology, faxes, and identify any potential savings by switching carriers or using VoIP.
  3. If hosting e-mail internally using an Exchange server or other software, appropriately time DNS changes to ensure that e-mail flow won't be interrupted during the move.
  4. Make changes to your firewall to reflect new IP addresses and test access to your private network from outside to ensure connectivity. 
  5. Use this opportunity to compile all of your network documentation, passwords, license key information and to clean out old stuff.
  6. In the event of a server problem at the new location (like not being able to boot up), have your original server password ready -- this is the password that was used to install Windows Server when the server was installed.  
  7. Make pertinent changes to your server's DNS settings, which reflect your new IP addresses and firewall security settings.


This is by no means a complete list, but it includes most of the basics.  To have pmIT Consulting plan and flawlessly execute your next office move, please contact us today. 

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