IT Computer Disaster Relief and Recovery

Did your server crash or won't turn on, and you don't know where to go from here?  Was your server or IT gear stolen?  Did e-mail grind to a screeching halt?  Thought you had a backup of that important computer, but the information is nowhere to be found?  Did the computer equipment suffer water damage due to a broken pipe in the server closet?  Perhaps the building collapsed due to a structural fault and you can't restore your data backup from disk or tape?  Could your server have suffered multiple RAID hard drives failures with no spare disks?  How about a damaged server in shipment or office move? 

pmIT Consulting has helped many businesses that found themselves in similar situations.  If your business is insured against data loss, we can work with your insurance carrier claims.  In the event this is not possible, we also offer financing and payment plan options -- with one goal in mind, to get your operation back online ASAP!

To report a server emergency or declare a technology disaster, please e-mail or call us right now at (401) 284-7648 with your details and address.  We will be on our way to your location within 1-2 hours max.

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