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The service calls we receive vary greatly in their scope and complexity.

"Our computers are running slow; I can't print; I think I have a virus; Sarah deleted an important email again; Do we need to use all this paper?; Couldn't we move that function to our Web Site?; John bought a new program and needs it installed; Our 10 year old server is making funny noises, we should probably get a new one; I have a strange error on my screen; What's beeping in my network closet?; Can we restore a file from 3 months ago?....."

...are just some of the questions we get asked on a typical day.  


We get excited about finding and developing creative solutions to long-standing or complicated problems that enable people to collaborate, communicate and perform their work better than before. Technology should be an enabling force, but all too often its complexity renders it confusing, or even worse - disabling. We delight in addressing this head-on for our customers.


For the list of locations where we can provide service on-site, please click here.  

Below is a bullet list of the computer repair & server support services we provide, but it isn't complete by any means.  If what you're looking for isn't listed here, please share your tech challenge with us, and we'll be happy to help!


  • Server hardware and operating system migrations (for example Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 to SBS 2011 upgrades.)
  • Microsoft Office 365 planning, implementation, deployment and training.
  • Google Apps for Business conversions, migrations and training.
  • On-premises and cloud backup solutions.
  • Server and Desktop virtualization technologies, cloud computing implementation (VMWare ESXi, VCL, VDI, Microsoft Hyper-V and 2X)
  • Seamless server hardware upgrades, retaining original Operating System, settings and applications.
  • Remote-control and phone-based IT helpdesk services.
  • On-Site computer, laptop, desktop, workstation, server, network and peripheral service, maintenance and repair.
  • IT Project and technology change management - from needs assesment through execution, documentation and ROI follow-up.  
  • Centralized and decentralized internet security management solutions, including virus and spyware prevention, cleanup and removal.
  • Preventive Monitoring of your network, server(s) and applications with proactive audio, email, visual and TXT alerts.
  • Off-site server replication, disaster recovery and business continuity readiness planning, testing, implementation and monitoring.   
  • New computer setup, including data and settings migration from existing computers.
  • Comprehensive IT inventory including network diagrams, passwords, application settings, hardware and software licensing.
  • Wired and wireless network design and implementation.
  • Network security including intrusion prevention systems, firewall configuration and managed infrastructure firmware maintenance. 
  • User privilege and network resource access administration.
  • Custom e-mail, collaboration, domain and web hosting services using multiple solutions from Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, Zimbra, Imail and others.  
  • Third-party and Line-of-Business (LOB) application support, custom development, troubleshooting and integration.
  • Multi-office (WAN) connectivity via VPN and Microsoft's Direct Connect IPv6 technology.
  • Single point of contact for all IT-related communications and procurement with vendors, service providers and proprietary application support teams.
  • Paperless solutions and digital document management systems.
  • Employee monitoring (computer software, internet usage with management reporting.)
  • Email security, anti-spam, anti-phishing, e-mail archiving solutions and more...




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