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Though it is likely that you can find a reputable technology service provider with 3 clicks, below are just a few reasons why pmIT Consulting is a better choice and why it should be at the top of your list when selecting your next IT solutions partner.  

We have local engineers standing by to answer any questions and look forward to working with you.  

Affordable.  We have low operating overhead without expensive commercial leases to pay.  Our IT support rates have not changed since 2010 and our message spreads through this Web Site and referrals rather than expensive advertising.


Industry certified.  You can rest assured that with pmIT, you're hiring seasoned professionals to handle a simple computer repair or to manage the entire network.  Though we believe nothing beats real-world experience, proof of our technical aptitude is in the industry standard IT certifications we hold, including: MCITP Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator - Server 2008 R2 Technologies, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+ and Security+.    

We document what we do.
  Most networks we visit have very little in the way of organized technical documentation. If you are a typical small business, chances are you probably don't have a network diagram, a flow chart of your business processes, software licenses, hardware inventory, serial numbers, passwords and disaster recovery instructions in a secure, but easy to find location.  Our customers enjoy comprehensive Technical Documentation, which details their workstation, server, network, application, security, backup and instructions on what to do to recover from a disaster.  This information is maintained and updated when IT changes are made.


Smart & efficient.  We will not waste your time or money "learning on the job".  Because of our extensive experience and exposure to tens of businesses in different industries, we will usually have near-immediate and accurate answers to most of your IT challenges.  However no one "knows it all" and if they tell you they do, please do us a favor and run!  For unique scenarios, we have multiple resources at our disposal and will provide the necessary research to get to the bottom of your challenge.   


Dependable and loyal.  Our customers become our friends and most feel as though they are our only client.  Recently, to assist some of our customers who were going through particularly tough financial times (layoffs, not being paid on time, etc), we have actually voluntarily reduced our support rates.  


Flexible.  Though most of our customers are Microsoft-centric, and we have our favorites, we are vendor, brand and technology-agnostic.  Many IT consultants tend to stick with technologies that they are comfortable with, or vendors with whom they have partnered.  Though this "one size fits all" approach may work for some, it's not always in the customer's best interest.  We will only provide unbiased recommendations after carefully weighing your business needs, available skill and company culture against your budget and online community feedback. For technologies that we don't actively support, we have multiple technical resources at our disposal including network engineers, application developers, system administrators, CIO's and executives from friendly IT consulting competitors.

Not convinced or ready to contact us just yet?  Please see our company history or check out our customer testimonials or services.





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