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Below is a collection of Microsoft Windows compatible tools and utilities that we've come to rely on for many tasks.  We hope you'll enjoy and find them as practical and useful as we did.

ZAR Disk Space Visualizer
This tool will let you scan your entire hard drive for files, and will give you a visual representation of which folders take up most space. Very useful tool when you need to reclaim disk space from a full hard disk.

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Windows XP *.exe File Association Registry Fix
Many recent malware including viruses and spyware disable the Windows XP's ability to run any programs, even after the malicious program was removed. This zipped file contains a *.reg file that can be imported into the Windows XP registry to restore exe file associations.

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Combofix.exe Antispyware & Antivirus Scanner

This tool is often a last resort to clean up otherwise difficult to remove spyware, pop-ups and adware.  ***Do not use without professional IT supervision.
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CutePDF Writer (create PDF files from any file you can print)
This very small, ad-free program installs a new printer called CutePDF in your computer.  Instead of printing to a printer, it will produce a PDF file.
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Angry IP Scanner (scan network for responding IP addresses)
Requires Java to be installed on the computer first as a prerequisite. This program will scan your network, map computer names to IP addresses and provide an exportable list of devices on the network that respond to ping requests.  Useful if and when you forget the IP address of a specific device, router, access point, computer or network printer!  *** Please note that certain antivirus programs may treat this program as a potential threat and quarantine it.  If that's the case, you may safely temporarily disable your antivirus program until you are done using Angry IP Scanner.

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...more free downloads coming soon...  please check back often

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